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Re-thinking EMS Trainer Institute Education


New re-structured Education system and certification process is to be launched by the end of the year 2016. EMS Trainer Institute implements a Learning Management System (LMS) that makes it easy to track and prove progress for our learners and members.  
XBody Training® Education and Business support licencing take a turn for the better!
EMS Trainer Institute was established in 2014 by XBodyworld with the intention to deliver on regular bases up to date and solid knowledge based on whole body EMS technology.
The Institute succeeded to achieve propsperous cooperation in several countries where we today proudly operate partner offices with XBody Training®
Master Trainers on different Levels. Check your country specifics on further information!
From October 2016 according to our LMS we would like to enhance the learning process in each country with a restructured education system that is going to be a centralised platform of knowledge base with a well controlled certification process.
Follow us on an e-journey! We keep you posted on details and how to become a member and XBody Training® Certified Trainer and/or National Master Trainer.
Check your country for further information!