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Balazs Fuzessy
"You may not be wrong
When people badly criticise you.
Again, you may not be right
When people highly admire you."

Balazs Fuzessy

As International Fitness Presenter I have met several concepts over the past 15 years. My aim with EMS Trainer educational program is to create and sustain a cutting edge urban lifestyle fitness concept, which is time saving, effective, individualised and ultimately sexy. I believe that with XBody training - we provide an innovative, renewable and attractive solution for every individual. With our education system you can easily achieve your targeted goals and so much more.
Annamaria Rigo-Kovar
"It is often a strong sweep that puts through what long time period would never give effect to smoothly." - Kölcsey Ferenc

Annamaria Rigo-Kovar

International XBody Training® Senior Supervisor
As a professional and supervisor I am always looking for innovative but depth systems for the mind and the body. I believe that EMS technology can restructure the main idea of improving physical condition. While designing XBody Institue's training system we have taken into consideration the indisputable benefits of EMS and combined them with exercises of natural movements to enhance easy smart and fun training sessions. During our courses you can gain new ideas. It definitely improves your life!
Borbala Horvath
"You are the product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you towards success or are they holding you back?" - W. Clement Stone

Borbala Horvath

International XBody Training® Education Manager
Developing educational programes for different scopes is my field. I believe that passing the knowledge enhances open-mindedness, global view and success that improves life. My utmost goal in a course is to provide a reliable cooperative surrounding according to needs and merits in a healthy tone. In a learning environment just as in life we are all tied to each other therefore I aim for raising the awareness of mutual responsibility to level up team spirit and personal development!
Matthias Winter-Morel
"It always seems impossible until it’s done" – Nelson Mandela

Matthias Winter-Morel

International XBody Training® Education Instructor
After years of having worked in the field of fitness and sports I can say that I have never seen anything that talks and fits to such a wide span of different people like XBody training does.
My aim is to ensure that every trainer who works with the amazing XBody technology is able to use it in the most effective way for each client. My ultimate goal is to satisfy and enthuse every single client by creating a personalized training experience, showing an extraordinary and incomparable result.
Quentin Piret

Quentin Piret

International XBody Training® Education Instructor ProSkills&Medical
Ruslana Mazurenko
"Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous."

Ruslana Mazurenko

International XBody Training® Education Instructor
Studying the world around us every day and the person in it opens a great amount of knowledge. Knowledge – isn`t just formulas and rules – it`s new opportunities for humankind, which change the approaches to innovational conceptions in many ways. Especially the fact of teaching people new things, the evolution of independent thinking skills and the ability to use the new knowledge defines my interests.
I have a degree in mathematics and physics, I was a professional sportsman in the past, a part of the national Ukrainian rowing team.
Head of the teaching facility for fitness EMS instructors. I`m the author of methodical programs and guides in the sphere of classical EMS, as well as it`s produced areas. Personal EMS trainer.
One of the area of my scientific researches is the influence of the electromagnetic impulses on biological systems and the design of functional materials for EMS-technologies. My goal – to prepare professionals in the sphere of EMS training on a high level! I`m confident, that only a real professional is capable of achieving great results in EMS training.

Our local experts in Germany

Daniel Radfan
"Wo kämen wir hin,
wenn alle sagten,
wo kämen wir hin,
und niemand ginge,
um einmal zu schauen,
wohin man käme,
wenn man ginge." Kurt Marti

Daniel Radfan

XBody Training® Education Instructor
  • Heilpraktiker
  • Group-Trainer
  • Reha-Trainer
  • Personal-Trainer
  • Ansprechpartner EMS-Trainer-Institute