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XBody Training® Basics 8 hours

What are the objectives of the Course?
  • To get everything you need to start trainings with the XBody device
  • To learn how to use the basic exercises in EMS training
  • To know how to handle and maintain the suit
  • To learn the XBody Training® Basic Rules
What will you get during the course?
  • Handling Accessories and Device
  • Warranty, non-warranyt issues
  • Online system
  • Software operation
  • Contraindications of XBody Training®
  • XBody Training® Basic Rules
  • List of 10 XBody Training® Basic exercises

  • Certification XBody Training® Basics
  • valid for 1 year
Course Material
  • User Manual
  • Basic exercises for each muscle 
  • Client's Consent
  • Contraindication
  • Motivated and responsible skilled people in fitness/sport/health
  • Sport/training background 
  • First Aid Certification is beneficial

XBody Training® Intermediate 16 hours

What are the objectives of the Course?
To get everything you need to start trainings with the XBody device software 2.0
To learn the business concept behind XBody Training®
To learn how to build safe routines for the XBody Training® exercises
To get to know the latest development of XBody products for professional use
To learn sport scientific background and physiological of EMS technology
What will you get during the course?
EMS Technology theory
Benefits and contraindications of XBody Training®
Training Theory Background
General Protocols: safety, warm up and intervall trainings
Introduction to XBody Training® Nutrition Program
Methodology to build routines for the basic exercises in XBody Training®
List of XBody Training® Exercises
Certification XBody Training® Intermediate level valid for 1 year
Course Material
Course Notes
Access to researches
XBody Training® Basics test pass
General First Aid Certificate is an advantage
Motivated and responsible skilled professionals
Sport/training/phsyio background 

XBody Training® Advanced 8 hours

What are the objectives of the Course?
To be aware and learn some basics about
To learn the way to perform and teach advanced exercises with pops
To go deeper into sports scientific background with research study material.
To be ready to design private programs for special needs
What will you get during the course?
Sports scienctific theory - The optimal
Difference between EMS principle and regular muscle works out
Reasearch articles about EMS Training in different therapeutic treatments
Proper modifications of the exercises with clients with physical limitations.
List of advanced exercises with and without additional equipment
How to design a program?
Main requests and special programs.
Certification XBody Training® Advanced valid for 1 year
Course Material
Course Notes
Access to Research materials
Completed the Passed XBody Training® Intermediate Level
Experience: more then 250 conducted training sessions on XBody Training® Intermediate Level
Sport/health/fitness skilled professional

XBody Training® Nutrition Program Workshop 8 hours

XBody Training® Business Workshop 3 hours

Studio management training 
Operation ideas
HR Management
Marketing - Competitors

New Approach! XBody Training® Master Trainer 8 hours

XBody Training® Master Trainer 
Coming soon in 2017!
What are the objectives of the Course?
Distinguish yourself from your peers. Gain specialized capabilities. Increase your earning potential. Take your Master Trainer certification to the next level. With the XBody Training® Master Trainer distinction, you can enter one of various tracks from Fitness to Special Populations to maximize your client’s fitness potential.
Mastering XBody Training® concept and achieve professional skills
 What will you get during the course?
Deeper knowledge of EMS technology
Overview of research articles about EMS Training
Suitable communications skills to be a professional Master Trainer
Enter into specialization in different goals and fields
Developing structured progression plans rooted in exercise science to communication and coaching skills,
and creating a strategic business plan to maximize your success.
The Master Trainer Certificate expires after one year and must be renewed each year by a one day Master Trainer Workshop, online text and supervised training sessions.
Course Material
Research & Teaching Material
Protocols and Case studies
Passed XBody Training® Basics and Intermediate and Advanced Level with valid certifications
Sport and personal trainer/physioteraphy background
Excellent communication and coaching skills
Work experience of min 2 years in the field of Fitness, Sport performance or Physioteraphy and minimum 1 year with EMS Training!

Renewal! XBody Training® Education Instructor 16 hours

XBody Training® Education Instructor
From 2017 on Worldwide scale we welcome candidates to join our team of XBody Training® Education Instructors on each level in their country or region for enhancing the education of trainers professionals skills!
Keeping you posted on details! Stay tuned!
We educate in English, Spanish, French and Russian! 
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New! XBody Training® ProSkills 8 hours

XBody Training® delivers new protocols and case studies for experienced and professional XBody Training® trainers specialising on
- weight loss
- corrective exercises
- sport performance
- nutrition
The course will be available from 2017! Keeping you posted!
For further information contact us

Brand New! XBody Training® Medical 16 hours

Brand New Development! For health care professionals on whole body XBody Training® the first XBody Training® Medical seminar is held in October, 2016.
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XBody Business Consultancy 3 hours

Individualised Personal Consultation and Coaching with EMS Business expert