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A New way to train - Gym without weights

2016.06.28. - Canada

XBody Training® workout is a new way to train your muscles.
The very first concept store in North America was created to introduce the perfect solution for busy urban society.
The personalised training with skilled professionals only takes 2 times 20 minutes a week.
If you want to expand your potentials and learn more about XBody Training® courses contact us!
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Testimonial from Studiotec, Montreal
"I've trained all my life and have never encountered the type of training that I received at Studiotec. I can honestly say that you will receive the benefits of a full body workout in only 20 minutes. After 2 sessions my muscles felt as hard as if I've been working out for 2 weeks!
I absolutely love their product and would recommend it anyone! Great job Amiram, Stephen, Cedric and the rest of the Studiotec family!"
Ryan Gigandet – Montreal, Coutier Immobilier Residentiel