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Differentiate yourself – get certified by us!

The Institute was designed to be a platform for transferring the know-how of 21st century training philosophy to enhance skills and competences of EMS trainers worldwide.

Our highly experienced team of educators and consultants go beyond and aim for excellence in competency and dedicated to quality service.

Master EMS technology – explore its potentials!

Professional sport scientific, medical researches, latest releases of new developments are integrated into the educational materials. The curriculum design aims to have innovative combination of theoretical, practical and real life experience in order to have well-prepared professional trainers with comprehensive knowledge about EMS technology.

The higher you aspire the more you grow!

Various course levels bring about great carving to upgrade your knowledge. Study materials include: XBody studio business management, online system guidelines, device user guide and so much more to explore.

We also provide the tool to become a successful trainer by improving soft skills in a person centered manner, so trainer becomes capable of detecting individuals strengths and weaknesses.

We believe that the success of great product lies in how you use it for obtaining the maximum benefits. All EMS trainers certified by the Institute enhance EMS business by promoting the training system authentically Furthermore National Master Trainers are educated and supervised twice a year by International Master Trainer.

We put effort into network!

Networking is the solution to keep improving and disseminate the benefits of a great product and technology worldwide. So the ever growing global network of National EMS Training Centers, Master trainers and EMS Trainers guarantee strong brand and professional backup where all stakeholders are connected and share success of a unified EMS training philosophy and vision.